Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Virgin Active

My wife has been trying to sign my son Laird up to the kids section

at the local gym. Very polite people, mainly because they are earning commission from the sale have always been on hand to help. So far we have been helped by four different consultants, one sales manager, and the receptionist.

So far I have 4 different cards for Laird to access the gym (none of which work). A free lime green bag. A headache. A caffiene rush from the 3 cups of coffee that I have had while waiting, probably 10 new grey hairs in my beard (purely from the waste of time) and I think that Laird will be 18 by the the we finish. By then he can join on his own.

This has been 3 months of trying to get a card so that we can put our son in the kids section while we train! Amazingly enough. We started this process in April. It is now August.

Where is the service? Where is te training for the poor sales people who I have been mean to for the last hour and a half.

Come on Virgin Active.

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