Friday, 24 July 2009

When you forget your child

Yesterday I forgot my child at school. I was meant to collect Laird from school at half past two and at four o'clock I got a call from my wife to ask what was going on.

I feel like a real prick. Luckily the school he goes to runs all day and the after care looked after him. But that does not make me feel any better.

So, Lairdy. I am sorry.

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Monday, 20 July 2009

Laird and the Spider Monkey

My weekends are for Family. I have spent so much time working that I now believe that every moment I spend on the weekends at work needs to be complimented with time for the kids and my beautiful wife Megan.

So this weekend we went out to the Bush babies sanctuary in Haartabeesport. We spent the day walking around the raised platforms and suspension bridges looking and learning about the monkeys they have rescued. All of the monkeys were exotic and most rescued from people whom had bought them as pets and could not handle them.

So with us looking for monkeys in one of those beautiful gorges that you only really find in the Magaliesberg. Carrying Fynn on my back and chasing Laird to make sure he did not fall off the path (as he has a tendancy to do), and seeing that we are in the middle of toilet training, wondering where in this beautiful area we would be able to sneak off the platforms and pee in the bushes. We had a wonderful time.

At the end of the tour they have some lehmurs and monkeys in quarantine. There Laird made a friend. A lone spider monkey was sitting on the ground next to the fence. Laird was instantally attracted to him. Laird played with his fingers. Patted him through the fence and then when It was time to go and Laird was about to stand up the spider monkey reached out and held Laird's hand and even gave him a tickle. It was very cute.

And I would have to say one of the best days I have had.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Time with the kids

So I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with my youngest son, Fynn on the weekend. Meg took Laird and headed to gym on Sunday afternoon. And there Fynn and I were left looking at each other.

Now having two boys under 3 makes life quite busy. So you don't always see the small little steps of development. Much to my amazement Fynn now has a substantial vocabulary. I noticed that he was close to talking because at 3am in the morning about a week ago he was standing ip in his cot and pointing to the cupboard and saying "inder". Not really understanding what he was trying to say until a few minutes later while I was feeding him his bottle that a rat ran out from in the cupboard.

I tried to chase the rat outside but it was not having much respect for me and my squash racquet ( the only weapon I could find at three in the morning). My son shouting "inder inder" ( which I translate as in there). And the bloody rat zoomig up and down the curtains, under the cot, under the chair and about 20 min later, with my wife now yelling from the bedroom "what's all the noise!?!" that I ws able to chase it out of the window. So peace and calm return to our house in he early morning.

Then a week later while the tour de France is ambling over the mountains I hear a strange sound from Fynn's room. I head off to investigate to find the little chap unpacking his cupboard in search of the rats in his cupboard. In his hand the cover of a DVD movie - Ratatouille. I wonder what he thinks of Dad trying to kill the hero of one of his movies with a 15 year old squash racquet.

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