Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Our trip to Port Elizabeth

On the last long weekend we went to visit my folks in their new retirement unit in Port Elizabeth.

Flying with the kids has always been a bit of a daunting task. Previos trips mostly being long haul to Australia. But this shorter flight to P.E. was a pleasure. Laird all excited at the prospect was screaming encouragement to the aircraft to help it take off. Fynn was a pleasure proceding to sleep his way through the entire flight. Laird was also very excited to see the sea out of the window of the plane.

With the small PE airport my Dad was waiting for us and after squeezing boys and luggage into his car off to see my parents new retirement home.

After settling in my parents in their typical fashion offered lunch and then coffee and my aunt arrived a few hours later to share in the birthday cake. I am now officially 38. Nice.

The thing that my parents have learned from my aunt and uncle was that when we visited you never felt like they had anything planned but by the time you left you had accomplished so much. From trips to the beach. To visit my aunt. To Addo NP, to Maitland beach for the boys to swim. It never feels rushed. They always just pop in in the morning and say. Ahh today looks like a good day for..... And off we go.

Taking my boys to Addo NP to see the elephants was a wonderful experience. Laird loved the elephants. Although we had a fight over the dummy as well as he wanted to be in the car with Mom and not me and Lala.

Beach time was great. My dad grew up on these beaches. So was very special to have Fynn and Laird digging in the sand, looking for shells and finding fish in the rock pools.

All too it was time to fly home. Sad goodbyes to my folks and off we went.

Thanks for a lovely holiday

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