Sunday, 20 June 2010

World Cup 2010

I had the privileged to be able to go and watch the Ghana vs Australia World Cup Football game in Rustenberg at the Royal Bafekeng Staduim last night.

The drive to the game was superb. Some brilliant new roads and infrastructure have been built for this world cup event. Many people saying that the money would have been better spent on hospitals and schools. They may have a point, in a country like South Africa where access to clean water and certain other basic ammenities are limited, however I seriously doubt that there would ever be the same funding available if this world class event had not visited our shores.

Living in Johannesburg the so called " worlds most dangerous city" we have seen a new freeway upgrade. A new train system the Gautrain. A new bus transport system. Two fantastci new football stadiums. Many other facilities have been upgraded by the government. This does not count the staduim upgrades or roads built in other cities around our country.

We have also seen many private individuals getting involved in making our country "sparkle" painting walls with support banners for Bafana Bafana, flags flying from fences, cars with mirror socks indicating which country you are supporting and a general spirit of welcome for the foreign fans that have flocked to our shores.

We visited the FIFA fan park in Johannesburg with an estimated 50,000 other fans to watch the opening ceremony and first match between Mexico and South Africa. Fans painted in team colours, flags waving about and the vuvuzela's blasting away. I was so proud to be a South African and to see our opening ceremony which was truely African performed to the biggest TV audience ever!

The other heart warming memory was seeing groups of supporters from Argentina and the Netherlands being welcomed with open arms. Hugs from passes by, people flocking to get photos with these fans, everyone joining together to celebrate and for once forget the differences. All in the name of Football.

When South Africa scored the first goal the crowed celebrated like there was no tomorrow and when Mexico equalized the same crowed clapped and cheered the boys on even more. A truely wonderful time!

Ke nako .... It is time!

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