Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Canada continued...

After we returned from Mexico. We spent the next three weeks with my sister and family. They live in Oakille just outside Toronto, close to the lake, so alot of time was spent waking near the lake andin the parks surrounding their suburb.

I was amazed at how our boys coped with the changes to their schedules and food. We had a few problems with Laird at bedtimes but nothing drastic.

I am really thankfull for my family.

On one of the mornings we took a walk around Rattlesnake Point. A forrested area on the escarpment that lies behind oakville.

Here we hunted for snakes, explored the paths that criss cross the park.

Jordie brought his model aircraft to fly. the little craft has tiny engines that work on compressed air. Once pumped up with air it flew beautifully (apart from the wings coming off)

A day well spent.

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