Thursday, 20 September 2007

First steps...

The best journeys start with a single step, leading on to the adventures of a lifetime. My son, Laird, recently took his first steps. Thus starting the long journey of life. Admittedly they were slightly wobbly and only took him a few feet, but how monumental these steps were!

Suddenly a whole new world opened up, vast new areas to be explored, previously unknown boundaries to be pushed, and eventually someone's a cup of coffee to be knocked off the table.

While I sat in awe watching these first steps, it suddenly occurred to me that it is one of life’s little quirks that these fantastic first steps, opening up a whole new world to you, will never be remembered by Laird. We can save the images on our brand new digital cameras so that Laird can see his first steps, but he will never remember these moments.

So one of the most important journey’s in the life is remembered by our parents, in a way making up for us not remembering our first steps.


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